Life Hack : 5 Must Have Amazon Dog Products That I Can’t Live Without

5 Must Have Amazon Pet Products That I Can’t Live Without

Tinsel (my pup) and I are bit of adventurers. We love the outdoors; swimming, kayaking, hiking and traveling to new cities all over the U.S. With all of our travels in the books, there are some pet products on Amazon that I could not live without and have really saved us.


The best step-in harness! I always put Tinsel in a full body harness when we are out hiking or kayaking. I cannot tell you honestly how many times she has gotten stuck in the mud or needed help getting over a log. Having a harness with a handle on the back has been an incredible investment

A pop up bowl. I actually have two of these! I keep one in my purse for traveling and the second is always clipped to my daypack for hiking. No extra weight or equipment needed to give Tinsel a drink. When we stop for water breaks I just unclip and we can share a bottle of water. 

This pad healer. Because I’m an over protective dog Mom, I always keep this dog balm in my purse. There have been so many times when we are exploring a new city and Tinsel cracks a pad on her paw. I know it’s a bit expensive ($19 for one stick), but trust me this has saved us. This pad healer is great because it basically comes in a deodorant stick, with a nice neat cap. Pop the cap off, rub it on her feet and POOF perfectly healed and ready for our next adventure.

Treats!! This product is Tinsel’s pick. She can get exhausted, so a good nutritious pick-me-up is always good to carry. Check out my favorite treats here. These treats are high in protein, so they give her a good boost of energy!

I love this cooling vest! We live in Florida, our weather is HOT all year so we are always careful with hiking during the summer. Keeping Tinsel in this cooling vest gives us less worry of her overheating. 

What are your must haves for your dogs when travling or hiking? I would love to hear about them below in the comments or any of our social media sties! Hit us up on Instagram @TheTangledTinsel or on our Facebook Community Page

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