Life Hack : Six Things To Carry in Your Purse – That You Will Thank Me For Later

6 Things I Always Carry In My Purse & You Should Too

I sound like a broken record, but I am SWAMPED. A full time job, on top of all of the volunteering committees I run, on top off blogging > I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

I live that #stresslife

What keeps me going? Always being prepared. I’m prepared that meeting is going to last another hour through lunch. I’m prepared for sticky sick people shaking my hand (gross). I carry all of this in my purse > for all of those “just in case” moments. Here’s my list! These items do include affiliate links to Amazon, meaning I get a very small compensation if you purchase one of these items. BUT I do actually use all of these items every day!


  1. Hand sanitizer in one of those cute dangly plastic animals. I actually own this little unicorn, because I have no shame 🦄🦄 
  2. Bright colored lipstick. You know for those times when you are rocking your athleisure at work and get called into a meeting with executives. 
  3. A rechargeable phone charging brick. For all of those times you run out of juice while traveling
  4. Socks for cold/wet feet. Or honestly, just wearing them underneath your desk when you slip out of those oh-so uncomfortable heels. (Is it weird? I actually have a funny collection of novelty socks like these LOL).
  5. Baby food! I know this is a weird one. I always carry one or two squeezable fruit/veggie purée packs in my purse for those times when meetings extend into lunch meetings and I need to pull myself through. I got this tip actually from a coworker with low blood sugar, it’s a great pickup during those never-ending work days.
  6. Cheap, blank “thank you” cards. I love wowing coworkers with a sweet thank you note for something they did or something I really appreciated (like leaving me the last gluten free cookie in the break room 😏). I love the look on friends or coworkers faces, when you take that extra moment to say “thank you!”. Stash a stack of these adorable floral thank you cards in your purse and in your desk – take those moments to thank your coworkers and friends!

What kind of things do you carry in your purse or backpack? I’d love to hear about them below in the comments or on our Facebook Community Page!

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