Healthy Living : 5 Thing You Absolutely Need To Beat The Summer Heat ☀️

Summer is fast approaching and if you live in Florida (like me) it’s already in full swing. Here in Florida, I can pretty much say we are experts in beating the summer heat waves; ranging from high 90s and 100% humidity. So here it’s, my secrets to beating the summer heat ☀️☀️

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First on my list: Find a sunscreen that can protect the sensitive skin on your face. Here’s the link to the sunscreen I use. I cannot sing enough praises about this sunscreen! I have naturally oily skin and this sunscreen makes my skin feel so fresh and protected.

Second item on my list: Large floppy hats! Purchase a cute one like this one! I absolutly love stitched quotes in floppy beach hats! Wether I’m visiting the beautiful sunflower fields of Sweetfield Farmers or wandering through local gardens, I love to wear this hat to keep my skin safe from harmful UV rays.

Next up: These comfy elastic sandals. I currently wear these EVERY day in tan and just ordered another pair in navy. These are absolutly my FAVORITE sandals. You can even find me wearing these in the office 🙃 And for only $12 come on!

Next: Find a pair of sunglasses that totally fits your soul. You will see my sporting these cuties in almost every single selfie this summer.

Last up: Find a great pool floaty like this cutie. There’s no better way to spend the hottest summer days by just floating in a cool pool. (Please see adorable husband sitting on giant swan 👇🏻👇🏻) Purchase our actual giant swan here!


What are your favorite ways to beat the heat? I would love to hear about them in the comments below or on our Facebook Community page. If you loved this article be sure to check out my full summer bucket list here.  Thank you all so much for reading! 😘😘

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