Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood: The Milk District

Hello Orlandoians! Friday is finally upon us! Thank you for joining me here on The Tangled Tinsel for another Explore Your City adventure! This weekend we are exploring the famed Orlando Milk District!


This adorable little Florida gem is just minutes away from downtown Orlando. Filled with small town charm, this district gets its unique name from residing in the same neighborhood as the T.G. Lee distribution center for Florida! (Check out their unique history here). You can even sign up for a tour of their factory!

For a day trip, be sure to check out their Facebook Events Page to see what’s going on for the weekend! A few weekends ago we visited the Vintage Pop-Up Market and had a FAB time! This small part of Orlando is packed to the rim of vintage shops, quaint little pubs AND tons of local small shop charm.

Even when visiting on a non-event weekend, there is still SO MUCH to see!


Not only is this district FILLED with small town charm, but they have some of the BEST wall murals in Orlando!

I absolutly love exploring my city. Orlando is a beautiful city with so much to do! Even though I spend weekends out and about, I still have an INCREDIBLE amount of energy. I work two full time jobs and still spend the weekends traveling. How I do it? There’s this AMAZING healthy, energy boosting coffee that keeps me going! Want to know more? Check out the company here.  I’d love to share my storm

I would love to see more about your Orlando adventures! Drop me a comment below! Thank you all for reading! Be sure to follow us on Instagram


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