DIY : Color Blocked Painted Pots! 🌺👩🏻‍🌾

I’m a bit OBSESSED with color blocking > wether we are talking about wall art or notebooks. I saw this craft idea on a fellow craft bloggers Instagram and just had to give it a go for myself! Belows the supply list & let’s get started!

“>Terra-cotta Pots! As many as you want to paint. I’ve included my a link to what I purchased off of Amazon (affiliate link).

Paint! I chose “>orange, “>pink, “>navy, “>black and “>white. OR you can buy a “>variety pack of paint here.

“>Painters tape!

“>Paint brushes

Be sure to pick up cacti or herbs and dirt to fill your pots ☺️☺️ (I’ve actually ordered succulents off of amazon and I was completely surprised by how incredible they were. “>Check out what I purchased here). For only $15 these little cuties were absolutly perfect.


Now let’s get started! First I want to share with you my favorite tip: always use terra-cotta pots with painting projects; the clay asorbs paint, allowing it to quickly dry. If you are looking to hot glue, let’s say florals always use the PLASTIC terra-cotta looking pots, plastic adheres better to hot glue.

For this project, start off with giving your pots a good coat of white paint. You can use a spong or brush to apply it, you don’t need to be too particular about getting it perfectly even > you’ll be covering it up later.

Next > get inspired. Check out Pinterest or copy the patterns I did on my pots! There are so many options!

Start taping off your pots. Horizontal, diagonal or vertical strips OR HECK just pant cute white starts on yours (like I did).

Don’t mind the mess! (And the half empty Starbucks cups 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

After Taping off the pots, start adding some color! My first pot is this cute half orange/pink and black stripped cutie.


Add even more character to your pots! Add stripes, swirls and stars. After painting, let your pots fully dry for about an hour before planting! Sitting the pots out in the sun will help speed up the process too.

Or you can be impatient like me and plant them right away

After letting the pots dry add in some of your favorite plants. Of course I found this project as just an excuse to buy more cacti for my collection. If you live near Orlando, Florida be sure to check out my two favorite cacti places; The Florida Cactus Farm & Lukas Butterfly and Nursery 🌵 > I’m not even sponsored by these places, I actually just live at them (but for real….I have a cacti PROBLEM).

Here’s how the pots turned out! (Buddy the bunny, helping out of course 🐰)

Thank you all for reading! I would love to see how your pots came out in the photos below! Don’t forget to pin this post for later and follow us on Pinterest to see all of tutorials 😘😘 Thank you!

DIY : Lambs Ear Spring Wreath

 Morning readers 👋👋

I finally had a day off this weekend (🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻) just to catch up on my (ever growing) pile of crafts. This weekend I was inspired by yet another Pinterest article and just had to try out the craft myself. I made this beautiful eucalyptus spring wreath for just under $25!

Here’s the shopping list:

Let’s just jump right into the tutorial! Just to preface this, Tinsel was being EXTREMLY needy while trying to take photos of this project; she kept climbing in my lap and bringing me “offerings” (aka her giant plush flamingo). So you might see a few Tinsel or Mr. Giant Plush Flamingo cameos ♥️🐶

First I laid out all of my supplies. I don’t know why, but crafting on my living room floor where I can really stretch out is much easier then cramming everything onto our dinging room table. I used a bit of the lamb’s ear from a previous project which you can check out here.


I then started to pull apart the lambs ear off of the main stem. Place those smaller bits directly into the wreath, weaving them into it. Place a small dab of hot glue onto the stems, just to secure them.


Work in around the wreath, layering piece by piece. Then layer in the roses (trimming the excess stems). Take your time and really play with the wreath stems, making sure everything is tucked in and glued down well.

(Stop for hug breaks too)

Make sure to really glue everything into place. Living in Florida, we are prone to extreme weather so our outdoor wreaths need to be wind and storm proof. You can even opt for tying each piece with floral wire just to be sure – but hot glue works just fine.


That’s just about it! A very simple, but beautiful Spring wreath that will easily transition into the Summer months too. I would love to see how your wreaths turn out in the comments below, if you do have any questions or if I missed any steps feel free to leave me a comment! Thank you as always for reading! Be sure to follow Tinsel and I on Instagram to see all of our craft projects!


Always helping 😂

DIY : Care Packages!

My bestie lives in Washington D.C and I live in central Florida, so you can say it’s a BIT OF A DRIVE. Of course I was skimming through Pinterest and saw this idea – DIY care packages! Of course this is a SUPER cute idea and I just had to try it out for myself.

Picking a theme

So you decided to make a care package, now it’s time to pick a good theme! Think about your friends favorite things – do they love binge watching Netflix? Or maybe they love to travel? My bestie and I always met up at our favorite Starbucks, no matter what state we were in, we were always at Starbucks. Of course I decided to make a Miss You A Latte themed care package

If you are using my theme, here’s my supply list

Let’s put it together!

  • I started by wrapping the inside of the box with glitter paper – Outline the outside of the box and hot glue the paper in the inside. The glitter paper was a little thick, using tape did not work well.


  • Letting the inside box liner glue dry, I then started on making the small paper Starbucks cups (writing our names poorly on the cups – of course)
  • I cut small slivers of red scrap booking paper and made a trailer from one side of the lid to the other (connecting our Starbucks cups together). I then placed the scrap booking plane in the middle


  • I hot glued the gold letter stickers on the top and bottom lids to spell out “I miss you a latte”
  • I then filled up the box full of treats! Don’t worry too much about making a nice display, it’s bound to get mixed up in shipping
I think some how Tinsel knew we were sending a package to her Uncle Patrick 🙂

Honestly that was just about it. Now everyone should expect care packages from me, because this was TOO FUN to make! Have you ever made a care package like this one? Or maybe something a bit different? I’d like to hear about it below in the comments!

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DIY: Kitchen Herb Garden

Hello readers! I was so blessed this weekend that I had Monday off! (THREE DAY WEEKEND WOOT!) One of my favorite places in the entire world is the Florida Cactus Company – please check out this article here with more information about their location and hours.

Let’s just jump right into it – I saw this great DIY video on Facebook and just had to try it for myself. For their planters they used herbs and small vegetables; a great idea to have handy in your kitchen! For mine though, I decided to pick up a few new cacti to fill the planters instead.

 Here’s what your going to need

  • Plastic butter dishes from the Dollar Tree – <a href="http://Dollar Tree Weekly Ad“>Here’s my affiliate link for free shipping 😍
  • Gold spray paint or any other color you want! I always pick spray paint up from Walmart! $1 per can!
  • Plants! Herbs, small vegetables or even cacti like mine!
  • Dirt
  • Strong magnets
  • A hot glue gun and glue gun refills! <a href="http://Dollar Tree Weekly Ad“>Did you know you can also pick these up from the Dollar Tree? I had no idea I had been wasting money all these years buying hot glue gun refil sticks from hobby shops!!


So let’s get started. First off, I dragged my husband to the Florida Cactus greenhouse on Monday morning and picked up a few new friends. Because who honestly needs another excuse to buy more cacti? Seriously they don’t pay me to write nice things about their greenhouses, I just honestly love this place.

The Florida Cactus Company: Litterally what dreams are made of ♥️🌵

Now that you’ve picked up some new green friends and gather all of your supplies, let’s get crafting! You can throw out the butter dish tray, but keep the top cover – give this a nice coat of spray paint. I loved that the dishes were so easy to paint, just one simple coat and we were done! Don’t mind my hideous “Paint Blanket” it’s been through a lot of crafts.

STEP #1: Spray painting the butter dish lids gold 

Next step planting! Sorry for the poor lighting, I was running out of sunlight when planting. OH! I even managed to pick up a few rose gold mini mason jars from the Target Dollar Spot (of course I picked up EVEN MORE cacti minis to fill them 😏😏).

STEP #2: Planting! 

Fill your painted butter dishes with dirt and plants, then we carefully glue the magnets onto one side of the dish. I glued just three magnets onto the back of the butter dishes.


Now that the plants are planted and the magnets have been glued on you can place them in your kitchen! For mine, I started off hanging them on the front of our fridge but actually fell in love with adding them to our stove backdrop. Maybe I’ll get some more to leave on the fridge…. Husband, this means another trip to the cacti place…..? 😏😏😏


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DIY : Leather Christmas Ornaments

A few weekends ago my husband and I visited the Orlando Museum of Art’s Festival of Trees event – where I was completely captivated by this tree. Stunning, hand-cut leather ornaments – with kind of a “mermaid scallop” look.

I mean at this point you should know me pretty well – I just HAD to try this out for myself. I knew that I could make this myself for WAY CHEAPER. So let’s get started here with the shopping list. Of course most of these items can be found at the Dollar Tree you can pop these items into your shopping cart here! Also just because your reading this & probably have a LOVE for the Dollar Tree like me – be sure to check out their free in store pick up option here and save yourself some time! (Seriously – the only way to do it!)

Let’s get started with the supply list!

– Clear plastic ornaments! As many as you want for your tree or gifts! ($1 at Hobby Lobby or use any of your old ornaments at home)

– A hot glue gun and glue refills. Did you know you can also pick these up from the Dollar Tree? Seriously. Never pay more than a $1 for hot glue refill unless you are buying the pumpkin spice scented sticks from Michaels….. 😏

– Fake Leather (please) fabric. You can pick this up from your local hobby store like Hobby Lobby. I found this in the Upholstery Section and paid $1.75 for a quarter yard

And that’s seriously it. See below picture for the inspiration for this craft! (because I’m a bit selfish) I’m making these little guys for my tree at home instead of gifts.

Our Christmas tree is just a little different from normal Christmas trees; my husband and I are pretty particular when it comes to ornaments. I was inspired by my Grandmother’s tree growing up; each ornament matched – matching bulbs in different patterns, dim white lights and each piece matching the next. My Grandmother never really had cartoon or themed ornaments – everything matched and was breath taking. SO our tree is the same way, we have several different grey and white bulbs (some glitter and some with a matte finish). We have beautifully dim white lights and strung sparkly pine cones.

I remember being mesmerized by my Grandmother’s tree growing up. Everything iced in white, with the dark green fir tree peeping out underneath.

ANYWAYS – I wanted to make these leather ornaments. Stunning, matte leather ornaments to go with our current tree. You can see what our current tree looks like below 😻😻

So let’s get started sha’ll we? First start off by plugging in your hot glue gun – your gonna need it.

Second – Start off by cutting the leather fabric into small circles. For this craft, I’m sizing each piece to be about the size of a quarter (I used a flash light butt as a measurement). Depending on how many ornaments you are creating, will change the amount of circles you will need. For one ornament I cut about 25 quarter-sized circles.

Last step – Start off at the bottom and glue the circles onto the ornament. Row by row work your way up to the top of the ornament hook.Take your time ☺️ I know it’s always hard with me and crafts; I always rush through it with excitement!

And that’s it! We made these precious leather “mermaid scalloped” ornaments! Perfect for a holiday gift, ornament exchange party or even for your own tree at home! I would love to see how your ornaments turned out below and if you have any other ideas for crafts you’d like me to make – just let me know if the comments below!!! Feel free to check out any of my other DIY series here as well

This special #Makemonday making my little BUNS house a home

Buddy the Bunny was rescued about three years ago off of Craigslist and he was a mess. It’s funny to say but, he was actually incredibly violent (and he’s a fluffy bunny). We tried to socialize him with Tinsel, but he quickly attacked her.

(literally not even joking)

Two years ago – we though his tiny, plastic inside house just wasn’t cutting it. So we built him a small play pin on our patio and it broke him. He was so happy! He did little jumps and sprints! So OK – he’s happy outside. Let’s make this even better.


We worked tirelessly on his bun-atio. Creating small interactive elements, tunnels and toys. We created a paradise. We built a sandbox filled with beach toys, two grass patches with deep soil for digging, pop up tunnels, beds and an indoor litter box. He was in heaven and finally started to allow us to touch him.



This year we created a new inside house for him too! Hurricane season for us Floridians has been PRETTY ROUGH this year, so we decided he needed something nicer inside. You can see the tutorial for that here. We even grow organic veggies for him in his own personal garden! His favorites are butter-leaf and kale. He is also OBSESSED with blackberries.


After three years, he’s finally allowing us to touch and hold him. Tinsel is still very hesitant. It’s kind of scary for me to hold him, knowing he could just attack at any minute – but we are all a work in progress. And YES I am terrified of my 6 pound bunny and NOT my 65+ pound pit-bull. 

That said, I decided to spruce up his inside house this weekend (since he has been trapped in it all summer long).

So I got to work. I cleaned out my craft supplies and made a few alterations to his digs. I made a felt triangle banner (hanging high out of his reach). I cut small brown and beige felt triangles and strung them with white yarn.


I then made him his own “hello I’m Buddy” chalk board sign. Because how else do you decorate a space with out a classy chalk board sign? 😉

I spare fabric as well, so I made a small “bunny” sized bed. To create this, I took two matching square pieces of fabric and layered them on top of each other. I cut one inch strips of fabric along the entire outer edge of the fabric (shown below) and tied the pieces together. I left enough space and stuffed the bed with newspaper and extra fabric.


And TA-DA! Look how cute his little house turned out! (He’s still VERY grumpy….but at least he looks cute doing it)

Buddy the Buns New House Decor!

Let’s end this with a cute photo of Buddy the Bunny checking out fabric swatches…judging. Always judging. He will need a new Bun-Atio upgrade pretty soon because of this hurricane business, so I will be posting his upgrade later!

“Picking out Fabric”

Happy #Makemonday! This week I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make a DIY Beast (From Beauty and the Beast) costume!

Hello! I LOVE Mondays and getting to share with ya’ll my favorite DIY crafts! This month I had the pleasure of creating ADORABLE costumes for my friend Michelle’s two little boys (A Gaston Costume – you can find the tutorial here). I’m literally so happy to be sharing this tutorial, I had a blast making it!

Of course let’s start off with a shopping list! As always, I promise mostly ALL of these items can be found for a dollar or less! I focused on creating the shirt and Michelle paired it with a Beast mask (she picked up off Etsy), tan pants and fur gloves.

For the shirt here’s the list

– One sheet of Beige felt – more if you are making a larger shirt

– A blue shirt – any size that you need

– One sheet of yellow felt – more if you are making a larger shirt

– A hot glue gun

– Scissors

To Complete the costume

– A Beast mask or follow a at-home makeup tutorial

– Tan pants

– Fur gloves

So let’s get started! First step: Cut three strips of yellow felt on the long side. These should be pretty thin, about an inch and a half. Gently hot glue one strip of yellow along the bottom of the shirt and up the direct center of the shirt. Also cut two very small, three inch strips to create “pockets” on the shirt. Like below. It doesn’t need to be perfect! Most of the top will be covered by more felt.

Let’s work on creating the neck scarf next! Pick up your white or beige felt and create a triangle shape. Round each point to a curve and carefully glue the scarf on the top of the shirt like below.

Next step is to finish off the neck scarf, with a small “mermaid” like tail for the bottom. Cut a small triangle out of white or beige felt and create a scalloped edge. Hot glue this piece on the end of the neck scarf.

Now to create the yellow collar! Cut two yellow, thin rectangles just about four inches long and about an inch and a half wide. Round the edges and taper the pieces to be thinner at the bottom. Repeat the process to create two identical pieces. These pieces will be glued next to the edge of the beige scarf.

Go over each piece and make sure they are secured properly. I was making this costume for a child, so I made sure to firmly secure each piece. The very last step in making this top is the buttons! I created three small circles out of the beige felt and glued them at the center of the scarf and along the middle of the shirt.

And that’s it! An ADORABLE DIY Beast costume! I would love to see how your costumes turned out below! You can see all of my other Halloween DIYs on the DIY tab to the right! Hope you have a CRAFTY Monday 😻😻

Curious about where I learned about how I set this article up and the techniques I used? Check out the exclusive coupon below!