Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood: The Milk District

Hello Orlandoians! Friday is finally upon us! Thank you for joining me here on The Tangled Tinsel for another Explore Your City adventure! This weekend we are exploring the famed Orlando Milk District!


This adorable little Florida gem is just minutes away from downtown Orlando. Filled with small town charm, this district gets its unique name from residing in the same neighborhood as the T.G. Lee distribution center for Florida! (Check out their unique history here). You can even sign up for a tour of their factory!

For a day trip, be sure to check out their Facebook Events Page to see what’s going on for the weekend! A few weekends ago we visited the Vintage Pop-Up Market and had a FAB time! This small part of Orlando is packed to the rim of vintage shops, quaint little pubs AND tons of local small shop charm.

Even when visiting on a non-event weekend, there is still SO MUCH to see!


Not only is this district FILLED with small town charm, but they have some of the BEST wall murals in Orlando!

I absolutly love exploring my city. Orlando is a beautiful city with so much to do! Even though I spend weekends out and about, I still have an INCREDIBLE amount of energy. I work two full time jobs and still spend the weekends traveling. How I do it? There’s this AMAZING healthy, energy boosting coffee that keeps me going! Want to know more? Check out the company here.  I’d love to share my storm

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Exploring your Orlando Neighborhood : Museums on Us

What’s honestly better than going on a cute date with your husband or meeting up with your friend group over the weekend? MAKING IT A FREE ADVENTURE!

If you are in the Orlando area (or anywhere else in the USA) and if you currently are a Bank of America card holder: YOU NEED to check this out! The first weekend of EVERY month Bank of America sponsors all of the local art, science and history museums, allowing free entry to their card holders! (AMAING RIGHT?)

To find what museums are being sponsored in your area, check out the Bank of America site here.

First just a few tricks:

  • Pack a picnic. Between each of the Museums and the Science Center, there is a HUGE beautiful park. An absolutly perfect spot to roll out a quilt and have a picnic.
  • Bring cash for the parking garage. For the weekend it will cost you around $10 to park for the day. The Museums and the Science Center are walkable from the garage.

Here’s a suggested itinerary for making the most out of the weekend! 

Start off at the Orlando Science Center (weekends the open at 10:00AM). Spend time, wandering through all of the fun exhibits the Sceince Center has to offer and even check out one of their IMAX shows!

After the Science Museum, wander back to your car and grab your picnic basket. You can park a blanket right underneath Orlando’s oldest oak tree, located right in front of the Mellenno Museum of art. Best Choice Products 2 Person Wicker Picnic Basket W/ Cutlery, Plates, Glasses, Tableware & BlanketCheck out my absolute FAVORITE picnic basket from Amazon here!

After lunch, step into the Mellenno Museum of Art (weekends they open up at 12PM). Be sure to wander their sculpture gardens out back!

Next stop, Orlando Art Museum (weekends they open up at 12PM).

For the last stop, jump back into your car and make your way to Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens (they open up at 1PM on the weekends).

I am obsessed with packing my weekends FULL of activities from kayaking, to wandering countless art museums, I can never keep still. How I do it? I take incredible care of my health. Even though my schedule is JAM packed. Check out my website and stock up on my favorite energizing coffees and green SUPER drinks. Now let’s hit up another museum!

What museums have you visited during the Museum Free Weekend? I would love to see photos below! Thank you all so much for reading! I cannot wait to hear about all of your weekend adventures! 😘😘


Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : The Wondermande Cafe

Happy Friday 👋🏻 let’s jump right into this weekends fresh date night inspiration!

Last weekend the hubs and I decided to take a day trip up to Sanford, Florida. About 30 minutes from downtown this quaint little city is the absolutely adorable. Cobble streets, cafes and old brick buildings > I was in heaven.

Utilize their free parking along the main road through their historic downtown. About every shop and cafe is about 2 blocks distance from the main strip, so don’t worry too much about seeing everything.

Our goal was to visit the Wondermade Cafe! Wondermade is this complexity unique cafe that sells delectable s’mores! Take your time walking and explore each of the back streets, every area is covered paintings and sculptures.

Stop into Wondermade Cafe and pick up a handmade s’more! They have small jars on the left counter top filled to the brim with unique flavored marshmallows and dark chocolate.

Although, I have to admit, the prices were a BIT EXPENSIVE. (Two small s’mores cost us roughly $7) but it was well worth the price. I picked out strawberry marshmallows and dark chocolate 🤤🤤🤤

I absolutely loved everything about this small downtown strip. My husband and I did end up getting to Sanford a bit later than we had hoped to, so we missed out on a few stops. We defiantly will be back!

Have any of you visited Sanford, Florida or the Wondermade Cafe? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Absolutly Must See Things In Gainsville, Florida

This weekend I was blessed with a three day weekend!! #BLESSED. So my husband and I decided to spend the weekend in Gainsville, Florida. (About a two hour drive from our home city in Orlando).

Kind of a random city to stop in if you are visiting Florida, but believe me it’s worth the time. Especially those who are into more outdoor activities like hiking, like our family!


We arrived in Gainsville around 8:30AM and landed in the Devil’s Millhoper Geolgical State Park. The trail head is unmanned by park staff, you will need to leave your $4 for parking/entrance fees in the “trailhead” evenvelope box at the entrance to the parking lot.

Walk towards the restrooms/state park ranger booth; the trailhead is directly behind the building. This is a very very short trail, just under a mile loop. Perfectly shaded and pretty cool even in these “summer” like temperatures. This trail is completely dog friendly too. The worst part though? Because of hurricane damage and lack of funding, the staircases down into the sinkhole were closed. But it still an absolutely breath taking trail.


This trail completely transports you to Tennessee hiking; with hills, bluffs and even waterfalls. If you are stopping near Gainsville, put this site on your bucket list! Check out their website here. Be sure to pack plenty of water and bug spray!

Just a PSA: Even on short trails like this (AND EVEN with cell phone signal), I ALWAYS carry my pack. I carry a small first aid kit, a water bladder, a pop-up bowl for Tinsel and plenty of sunscreen and bug spray. It’s better to be prepared, then not be prepared at all 😘😘

Our next stop was the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens (a 15 minute drive from Milhopper). We arrived around 9:45AM and the parking lot was virtually empty (ON A SATURDAY TOO).  Another completely dog friendly activity! Check out their website here. Admission will cost you $8 for adults and $4 for children.

Pull into their shaded parking lot and walk right into the lobby. The State Park staff was so welcoming and SUPER dog friendly (they even had dog biscuits on their counter!). Walk right into the lobby to check in, pay admission and be sure to grab a map!

We started off wandering through a bamboo forest. Then walking our way into their exapansive herb garden. If you are bring your pup, be sure to stop in the herb garden. Tinsel was overwhelmed by all of the smells, textures and tastes. We wandered into the kids garden, a butterfly garden and even a cactus greenhouse. We spent about 3 hours in this park, we were so captivated by all of the different areas and gardens.


There are so many wonderful things to do in Gainsville, Florida > be sure to add this small town in Florida to your next trip. We fell in love with all of this town had to offer; from bamboo forests to captivating waterfalls.

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Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : 25 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

My Favorite Things to Do For Summer! You NEED to add some of these to your summer bucket list too! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER! My husband and I live in Florida, so it’s summer all year round; but there are a few traditions we keep just for the actual summer months and here they are! 

  1. Picnics! Find a local park and pack-in a lunch. If you are in the Orlando area > check out Kissimmee Lake Front Park. Newly remolded we love strolling the lakefront at night!
  2. Kite Flying! (When it’s not raining). While you are at Kissimmee Lake Front Park 😏
  3. Hiking but only short trips, since the weather can be too hot! Here are a few of my favorite short trails!
  4. Garden Festivals. Check out my Leu Gardens article here! 
  5. Speaking of festivals, we love to visit local farmers markets! Check out this new market in Winter Garden
  6. Go for a walk at a local parkD9C52831-233E-4761-9FA2-38021E8FAEC5
  7. When we are stuck inside for a rainy day, we love to work on our hobbies. You can see my most recent crafty DIY post here! My husband runs his own board gaming blog here! His hobbies include collecting, sorting and playing table top games (his collection is pretty neat!)
  8. Spend the day out of the heat and binge Netflix for the entire day. Here’s a list of my favorite shows!
  9. Explore a new ice cream or frozen yogurt shop!
  10. Do a little online shopping! 
  11. Plant a garden. Check out my patio garden for some inspo here! 
  12. Re-decorate a room
  13. It might be too hot out during the day, so find a local tour to do at night! Check out free ghost tours in your town!3967E49E-567E-4F06-84CF-D743209F6E18
  14. Visit a sunflower festival. Check out my favorite local farm here!
  15. Do anything in the water. Rent a boat, kayak or canoe and hit up a local hotspot! I personally love kayaking > check out this great paddling trail here
  16. Visit a nursery and buy some new plants! I love to collect different types of cacti! 
  17. Visit a local pool or spend they day in your own. (Check out my favorite pool floaty here!)
  18. Take a Nap! Heck, make a full day of and snuggle up in silk jammies and never leave bed.
  19. Get sick off of Java Chip Frappachinos at Starbucks
  20. Beat the heat and go ice skating at your local rink
  21. See a movie or two at your local theatre 
  22. While your at it, check out a local play! Summer theatre schedules in Orlando are always PACKED! 

What are you favorite things to do during summer? I would love to hear about them below (and add some more things to my own list!) Thank you all for reading as always! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all of our weekend adventures! 😘


Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : The Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek, Kissimmee Florida

Tinsel and I (not so much my husband) love to hike and we are always looking for new adventures to go on. This weekend we finally had perfect weather and hit up the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek > Kissimmee, Florida! This place has been on my bucket list for a while and I was so excited to finally get to check it out!

Just a 30 minute drive from the heart of Orlando, with minimum time on dirt roads this short weekend adventure was well worth the trip. Here’s the link to their website for more information!


We arrived at that trail around 10AM on Sunday morning and the parking lot was virtually empty. There were a few vans parked out in the lot and to our surprise there were A LOT of families with small children. If you are bringing your dog along that does not get along with children, be sure to pass on this trail. There a lot of bikes, children and families picnicking! The good news? There is not many dogs, so if your pup is like mine (not friendly with other pups) this trail is for you!

ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Even when on shorter trails it’s important to have the essentials. Interested in what kind of day pack I use for trips like these? “>Here’s the exact day pack I use on my day-ventures with this cutie. (Affiliate link). I always carry a first aid kit (for myself and Tinsel), a pop out bowel for her to drink from AND PLENTY of water! I’ll be posting a “day packing guide” later on! But you can see all of our hiking and camping adventures here.

Start off straight from the parking lot and hit up the first .8 mile loop (short I know). Make sure to take lots of breaks with your pup, the path is made of crushed shell rock and might tear up your pups feet. After the loop, keep left and follow the longer “brown” trail markings through the picking area. The brown trail will lead you to a multitude of other trails, all around 1-2 miles round trip. Pick and choose your trails, these are fully pathed. Great for biking too! There are plenty of picnicking spots along the paved path; next time we will bring a packed lunch!


There is a historic pioneer village in the middle of the trails (that is NOT dog friendly), but great for kids! That part of the park hours vary, so be sure to check before arriving.

We had a blast checking out all of the trails this park has to offer and you should too! Perfect for familes, safe for solo femal hikers (like myself) AND perfectly suited to bring your best fur buddy along. We hiked just under 3 miles, but we were EXHAUSTED. Next time, we plan on starting a bit earlier in the morning to avoid the heat.


Have you checked out this trail before? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Thank you all for reading! Be sure to check out Tinsel & my Instagram @TheTangledTinsel to see all of our weekend adventures!

Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : From Your Couch

10 Best At-Home Date Night Ideas! Yes from your couch!

Each Friday I fill your inboxes with the wildest (OK not wildest) but most fun date night ideas – from local art exhibits to farmers markets. To be completely honest, there are sooooo many weekends where I really don’t do anything at all. Let me tell you about just a few date night ideas that you don’t have to take off your LulaRoe Leggings for 😏

  • Now this takes a little preparation, but I promise you can find most of these items on Amazon Prime. Here’s the idea: Preorder decorations to go with a certain country or theme and order food to match it. Make it a “Themed Dinner Night At Home.” (Example: Host your very own Luau with grass skirts and yummy pulled Hawaiian pork). Use this date night idea and envolve the kids, it’s a great way to add a bit more culture!
  • Be a kid again and make a sheet fort. We love moving all the furniture out of our living room and making sheet forts. Make an entire night of it: rent a movie, make s’mores over the stove and string beautiful cafe lights. I know growing up it was as bit taboo to rent movies on a TV: but really look into it – rent a movie for $1-$5 and it saves you the cost/hassle of going to a movie theatre 
  • Breakfast in bed. Sometimes we make a pact to not leave our bed for the day. We order fancy breakfast in (mostly bagels and tea) and we binge watch Netflix. Check out what I’m binge watching right now here. 
  • Clean! Ok so. my husband and I are a BIT particular on our home; we love to keep everything organized and well kept. BUT we do have some pretty scary junk drawers – we like to tackle these projects on weekends when we  absolutely have nothing better to do
  • Bake something! Then bring those treats into work on Monday! (Double bonus points!) Jell-O Creations Dessert Kit Beach Cups 6 Servings per Kit (Pack of 6 Kits)“>Check these cute jello cups to make with the kids!
  • This is silly. But turn the AC down #treatyourselftoanap Hey I got priorities 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • Pick up a hobby together. Or if you are like me, force your husband to help you with yours. (Here are the cliff notes: I bought this sewing machine in hopes of making ADORABLE zipper pouches and have ZERO knowledge on how to make this silly thing work…. SO my husband has so graciously offered – after much whining – to help me with my project). 
  • Puzzles. Ok, we as adults of our early thirties, had no idea just how fun puzzles can be! SO boring but so fun! Melissa & Doug 1,000-Piece Knock Knock Doorways Jigsaw Puzzle (29 x 23 inches)“>Here’s a link to the one I’m working on now!
  • Meditation and yoga: exercise together. I just recently got my husband on board with joining me for yoga and meditation before bed. I’m an avid yogi so it’s nice when my husband joins in! 
  • Board games. If you didn’t already know this,  but my husband has QUITE the collection of table top games. We love to have friends over for dinner and to play! #familygamenight
  • Go for a walk with your spouse and pup to get precious “Rolly Grass Zoomie” pictures like this one 👇🏻👇🏻 We love taking our pup for a night stroll when we get home from work. It let’s us catch up from our day at work and just unwind. (Tinsel also works very hard while we are at work, she defiantly needs an unwinding walk 😉😉).


What do you and your spouse do on the weekends when you absolutely do not want to go out? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Thank you as always for reading! Be sure to check out all of my other date night OR things to do during the weekend articles here!