Healthy Living : 5 Thing You Absolutely Need To Beat The Summer Heat ☀️

Summer is fast approaching and if you live in Florida (like me) it’s already in full swing. Here in Florida, I can pretty much say we are experts in beating the summer heat waves; ranging from high 90s and 100% humidity. So here it’s, my secrets to beating the summer heat ☀️☀️

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First on my list: Find a sunscreen that can protect the sensitive skin on your face. Here’s the link to the sunscreen I use. I cannot sing enough praises about this sunscreen! I have naturally oily skin and this sunscreen makes my skin feel so fresh and protected.

Second item on my list: Large floppy hats! Purchase a cute one like this one! I absolutly love stitched quotes in floppy beach hats! Wether I’m visiting the beautiful sunflower fields of Sweetfield Farmers or wandering through local gardens, I love to wear this hat to keep my skin safe from harmful UV rays.

Next up: These comfy elastic sandals. I currently wear these EVERY day in tan and just ordered another pair in navy. These are absolutly my FAVORITE sandals. You can even find me wearing these in the office 🙃 And for only $12 come on!

Next: Find a pair of sunglasses that totally fits your soul. You will see my sporting these cuties in almost every single selfie this summer.

Last up: Find a great pool floaty like this cutie. There’s no better way to spend the hottest summer days by just floating in a cool pool. (Please see adorable husband sitting on giant swan 👇🏻👇🏻) Purchase our actual giant swan here!


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Healthy Living : 10 Ways To Get Your Best Nights Sleep Tonight! 😴

10 Ways To Get Your Best Nights Sleep Tonight

With two full time jobs and a family to take care of, life can get in the ways of a good nights sleep. I don’t know about you, but at night I can never seem to shut it off. Remember that time I scared off that poor girl over chicken sandwiches? My mind just spins through stories, interactions ETC. Does this happen to anyone else??


ANYWAYS. Meanless to say I’m pretty much an expert (qoute me on that) on not sleeping. So here we go! Just a few of my tips and tricks on how I help myself to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I hope they help you too!

  1. I stop drinking any sort of caffeine after 12PM, allowing my body to filter out the coffee or matcha that I’ve had. I stick to decaffeinated teas or coffee before bed if I’m still craving it. Here’s a list of my favorite stress-relieving teas! 
  2. I always practice yoga before bed. If I’m exhausted I at least push myself to stretch for 15 minutes or more. This allows my muscles to release any tensions from sitting cooped up in my office all day. I’ve probably mentioned this little gem before, but here’s my favorite yoga mat! 
  3. I schedule a little “me time” every night by taking a long, relaxing hot bath. To help me really relax, I add in lavender epson salts to my bath too. 
  4. Turn off your electronics and read a book! An hour before bed time, I shut off everything; my phone, Apple Watch, TV, music. I even talk it a step further and start dimming the lights. Here’s a book that I just did a review on! 
  5. Set a bed time and keep it. While your at it, set a morning alarm. Check out this adorable alarm clock option from Amazon!
  6. Part of my worries that keeps me up at night is stress about the next morning. (I know that sounds crazy) So I set myself up for success; preset the coffee maker, pick out your clothes, pack your lunch and clean up your home > sometimes I even wear my gym clothes to bed so I’m ready to pop up and go! Being prepared = Less Stress = Falling asleep faster. 
  7. I’m not in anyway sponsored by this company, but I cannot live without it. Download the “Calm” app on your IPhone or Tablet and it will change your life too. The app offers guided meditations, calming music, white noise AND sleep stories. If you are like me and have a hard time falling asleep fast enough, select “Today’s Sleep Story” and you are guaranteed to fall deep asleep within minutes. Try out their free trial today!
  8. Turn down the temp! My husband and I always tap the AC to 65-70 at night. Cooler temperatures help you fall asleep faster too. Amazon currently has a deal going on with their Bluetooth enabled AC thermostat, you can check out the deal here and be able to change your home temp from bed! 
  9. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband). But, we are not compatible sleeping partners. Who really is though? My husband sleeps like a little bear > hot, spread out and snoring like he’s in hibernation. Me I sleep cold, curled up with Tinsel wrapped in my own heavy weighted comforter (see the blanket I use here). Everyone sleeps differently, so get your own damn blanket. (Trust me). 
  10. Can I tell you more about my blanket? I suffer from severe anxiety. Tinsel does the best she can (as my service dog), to weigh me down > she lays her heavy body on me to calm me. Sometimes, it’s just not enough. I also sleep with a weighted comforter. The weight is soothing and still manages to keep me cool > seriously check the blanket out here. 
  11. Bonus tip that you’ll love: Dark Chocolate as a late night snack. Personally? I like the baking dark chocolate chips. I place a bag in the freezer and have a table spoon before bed. Physically, chocolate is filled with those “feel good hormones” and helps me to relax. See my favorite chocolate here.

What are your favorite sleep remedies? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! Have you ever tried any of mine? Feel free to message me on our Facebook Community Page at The Tangled Tinsel! I’d like to hear if they worked or not!

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Healthy Living : The Lazy Woman’s Guide To Eating Healthy with Zero Effort 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Healthy eating habits you can start today with absolutly zero effort 

(Stay with me this week, I’m on a “Healthy Living” kick 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻)

I’m BUSY BUSY. Two full time jobs, a husband, a house, a dog….. I’m up to my ears in stress. But I always eat healthy and not to toot my own horn, but I’m REALLY good at it (TOOT TOOT).


I meal prep. But not in the “spend seven hours cooking on Sundays” way. I let the food do the work for me (even if it costs me just a little bit more). I spend just about 45 minutes “Meal Prepping” for the entire week and here’s how.

Breakfast (My every morning easy smoothie)

Sunday evenings after grocery shopping, scoop out 1 cup of frozen fruits, add a handful of raw spinach or kale, pour in your Carnation Instant breakfast powder into a mason jar and store in the freezer. Add a bit of milk in the morning, flip your mason jar over and pop it right on top of your blender. POOF healthy breakfast!

Sunday evening, make 5 of these and store the right in your freezer.

Here’s the shopping list:

Lunch (My spin on a pasta salad).

Just a little prep on Sunday night, make an entire box of veggie pasta and use these containers to separate out your meals. Utilize the compartments and separate out a serving of veggie pasta, raw veggies and precooked chicken.

Here’s the shopping list:

Dinner (chicken, rice and veggies).

Each morning before work we pop dinner into our crockpot. (If you are looking for a Crockpot, here’s the link to the one we use!). In the crockpot we add in two chicken breasts (frozen is best), 2 cups of chicken broth, 2 cups of water and seasonal veggies (like broccoli or sweet potatoes) and add to seasonings to taste. That’s it! Pop your crockpot on low for eight hours and leave it be. Dinner will be done when you get home 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Here’s the shopping list: 

Snacks (baggy these little guys when you need them)

Or keep them in your “snack bin” on your desk like I mentioned last article!

Here’s the shopping list: 

  • Bananas 
  • Squeezable Baby Food (I know it’s weird. But it’s easy to pack and it’s nutritious). Try the squeezable apple sauce with carrots. 
  • Dark Chocolate (the baking kind, because it carries less allergens)
  • Popcorn 
  • Naked Veggie Juice 👇🏻 My favorite is the Green Machine below!
  • dsdsadsa2-e1506520447577.jpg

I take the lazy way out when it comes to meal prepping, so I can eat healthy and not have to do too much work. I am all about the grab’n go healthy lifestyle ✌🏻

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore or even expensive! Do you have any tips and tricks on how to eat healthy on a budget? I would love to hear them below! Thank you as always for reading! If you liked this article, be sure to check out my article on shopping at Aldi! 


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Healthy Living : The Best Stress-Relieving Teas You Need To Try ☕️

I’m a bit of a stress monster. Partially beacause I cannot handle change. Partially beaucae I suffer from diagnosed OCD. I can stress over small stuff like wrinkles in sheets and I can stress over BIG stuff like being late to work or a meeting.

Stress is so common these days. With technology, deadlines, the work week keeps breaching into the weekend and of course social media telling us we NEED to do MORE. MORE. MORE.

I wanted to put end to at least a little of my anxietyn ridden, suffering so I’ve added in a new yoga routine (you can read that article here) AND I’ve learned how to meditate (this article is here). On top of all of it, I’ve even added a new “tea routine” to my diet. Sipping on warm herbal teas at night to help me unwind and de-stress from the day. So here’s my list! My list of favorite unwinding, relaxing heart warming teas.


“>Lavender & Honey > A Yogi Tea my absolutle #1 favorite stress releaving tea. It even says so right on the box 😉 Just be warned, do not drink this at work or while driving. Just. Few sips of tea and I was completely asleep. Best paird with warm milk and a splash of honey.

“>Zen > A Tazo Tea beautiful green tea paired with lemon grass. A almost minty/lemon favor and is absolutely delicious. You can drink this straight, warm or iced. If you like it a little sweeter add a “>“>teaspoon of organic stevia.


“>Lavender Early Gray Black Tea > A Revolution Tea if you are looking for a good nights sleep after a stressful day look no further then this tea. Beautiful bitterness from the black tea paid with beautiful sweet lavendar.

“>Carmel Bedtime Tea > Antoher Yogi Tea! Sweet like desert, but will put you right to bed. This is a yummy, tantalizing Carmel tea ☕️ Pair this with a spool full of honey and it’s better than desert!

Speaking of deserts: I’m an emotional eater (I mean who isn’t??) but I’d rather not eat sweets before bed (sugar, for me at least tends to make anxiety and stress a lot worse). Instead, I sip on the very best desert flavored teas. “>Tazo makes three of the BEST desert flavored teas that are offered > Glazed Lemon Loaf, Buttersoctch Blondie AND Vanilla Bean Macaroon. Who says tea is just herbal? Try these delicious deserts to curve your sweet tooth. I’m a weirdo and paired this with honey and warm coconut milk 😍😍

What are your favorite stress releaving teas? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! Thank you all for reading! 👩🏻‍💻♥️🐶 Be sure to follow us on Instagram too 

Id love to hear from ya, cause your my cup of tea 😉

Healthy Living : The Best At Home Spa Day

So life has been a bit rough lately – I’ve been pretty sick (you can read about that pity saga here). BUT I have been feeling a WHOLE LOT BETTER (new medications/more tests) and I’m on the UP&UP!

ANYWAYS – I figured this weekend, what I could really use is an at home spa day! I quickly ordered some of my spa favorites!

FIRST: Black Mask, Blackhead Peel Off Mask, Blackhead Remover Mask, MagiForet Purifying Peel-off Mask Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask For Face Nose Acne Treatment Oil Control 60g Rosewater Spray 30ml > I picked up this weird charcoal mask? It seems to be the “in thing” right now, so I wanted to give it a go. Here’s a cute selfie of me in this mask #dontmindmycrazyhair #butthatcactishirt

(I really should have did something with my hair for this picture – but heck it’s spa day)

SECOND: Bath Bombs 12 Vegan Gift Set, w/Free Lip Balm, Organic Coconut Oil & Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Cruelty Free, PABA Free, Handmade in the USA with – from Enhance Me >I picked up some bath bombs! I am WAY TOO lazy to drive all the way over to Lush right now, so I just ordered through Amazon Prime. I have pretty sensitive skin, so making sure I get bathbombs with good oils and organic soaps is a MUST.

LAST: let’s set the mood! I turned up my jams on Spotify; currently “Mood Booster” is my go-to station. I lit some candles, turned off the lights and filled the tub up with hot water. OH AND OF COURSE – I poured myself a glass of wine. I might or might not have just brought the entire bottle in with me – you know only live once ✌🏻

Saturdays are my “Me Day.” Even when my husband is home, it’s nice to have some time for myself after a long week at work. Even if it’s just soaking in the tub, hiding out in my favorite reading nook OR serving myself breakfast in bed with cuddles from Tinsel the dog ♥️🐶


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Healthy Living : 10 Things to Do When You Are Feeling Your Worst 🤒

I’ve been feeling pretty sick (you can read all about that nonsense here). Even if you aren’t sick and you just want to have some Me Time below is my tried & true methods for making feel better even when I’m at my worst.

  1. A warm oatmeal bath. My Grandmother would always place me in an oatmeal bath when I didn’t feel well. Upset stomach? Oat Meal Bath. Broken leg? Oat Meal Bath.
  2. Right now I have a LITTERAL obsession with adult coloring books. You know the fun detailed coloring pages for adults? There’s just something relaxing about doing a mind-numbing activity like coloring.
  3. Soup. Throw some organic/low sodium veggie broth into canned chicken soup = heaven. (See all of my recipe articles here if you are curious)
  4. Make something for someone. My go-to is creating care packages for other people, you can see some inspiration from the Dollar Tree. <a href="http://Shop gifts under $20 from Dollar Tree“>They have entire thing for gift baskets and care packages 😍😍 I’m actually in the midst of sending a care package for my bestie with the theme “I Miss You A Latte.” Something about giving something to someone else, makes me feel better.
  5. If you are up for it, go for a walk. Breathe in some fresh air and take your four legged friend along with. If you are REALLY REALLY up for it, go for a hike. Hiking soothes my soul
  6. Speaking of four legged friends – that little wiggle butt always makes me feel better
  7. Naps. I think I’ve mentioned this before? Like yesterday? I’m an expert napper.

8. A slightly addictive game on your phone or tablet – I’m currently hooked on playing Animal Crossing Camp. Seriously.

YESSS 🙌🏻🙌🏻

9. Tea! Lots and lots of tea. Again, I don’t know what is so comforting about it, but my Grandmother always had a pot of tea brewing in her house. The sound of the kettle whistle, the taste of milk tea makes everything just so much better. My Grandmother is one of the most influential women I have ever met, she truly inspired and continues to inspire me. I guess that’s why oatmeal baths and tea are always my go-to healing remedy

My husband got me this tea mug for my birthday last year “My Best Friend is a Cat” – We don’t have a cat  😂

10. Making some sort of list. Sometimes it’s not about a stomach bug or a sprained ankle, sometimes I’m emotionally unwell too. I get stressed and my #1 for stress is to start writing a list – a list of to-do items, a list of worries, a list of accomplishments. Getting all of that junk in my head on paper, just helps.

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Healthy Living : Turn Your Face Towards the Sun and the Shadows Fall Behind You

This #GrowingGrateful: I’m learning that there truly is “toxic” relationships and it’s OK to just drop them. Seriously.

Slowly (very slowly) I’m getting closer and closer to 30. We are starting to look into buying a house, adopting (in the far future), buying a new family car – you know all that adult-ish stuff. To be blunt – I really don’t have time for toxic friends/family. I need family and friends that are going to be there for me when I need them (as selfish as that sounds). I am now choosing to be picky about those people I’m bringing in to my life and being hard on those that are already in.

I think getting closer to thirty truly set in the fact that I am looking for friends to inspire me, to give me advice and to be there when I need them – not for drinking buddies to go on a cruise with. I’m surrounding myself with incredible women and loving family (like my Dad who answers all of my texts messages at all hours and reads each of my articles ♥️ )

I know this article was unusually short – but I hope this is a little advice you can take home with you. It’s okay to be choosy especially when you are sharing your life with people. Surround yourself with people that bring you joy, instead of drama.