5 Thing You Absolutely Need To Beat The Summer Heat ☀️

Summer is fast approaching and if you live in Florida (like me) it’s already in full swing. Here in Florida, I can pretty much say we are experts in beating the summer heat waves; ranging from high 90s and 100% humidity. So here it’s, my secrets to beating the summer heat ☀️☀️ Be sure to […]

10 Ways To Get Your Best Nights Sleep Tonight! 😴

10 Ways To Get Your Best Nights Sleep Tonight With two full time jobs and a family to take care of, life can get in the ways of a good nights sleep. I don’t know about you, but at night I can never seem to shut it off. Remember that time I scared off that […]

The Best Stress-Releaving Teas You Need To Try ☕️

I’m a bit of a stress monster. Partially beacause I cannot handle change. Partially beaucae I suffer from diagnosed OCD. I can stress over small stuff like wrinkles in sheets and I can stress over BIG stuff like being late to work or a meeting. Stress is so common these days. With technology, deadlines, the […]

Lifestlye Post; The Best At Home Spa Day

So life has been a bit rough lately – I’ve been pretty sick (you can read about that pity saga here). BUT I have been feeling a WHOLE LOT BETTER (new medications/more tests) and I’m on the UP&UP! ANYWAYS – I figured this weekend, what I could really use is an at home spa day! […]

Growing Grateful November: Calming down this Optimist

Hello! SO this November, I’ve been writing a Growing Grateful November each Tuesday to share with you. Something that I’ve learned about myself, something I wish to do better and overall just trying to be better for myself – because hey it’s ok to be selfish for yourself. IT’S OK. This week I want to […]