Life Hack : Six Things To Carry in Your Purse – That You Will Thank Me For Later

6 Things I Always Carry In My Purse & You Should Too

I sound like a broken record, but I am SWAMPED. A full time job, on top of all of the volunteering committees I run, on top off blogging > I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

I live that #stresslife

What keeps me going? Always being prepared. I’m prepared that meeting is going to last another hour through lunch. I’m prepared for sticky sick people shaking my hand (gross). I carry all of this in my purse > for all of those “just in case” moments. Here’s my list! These items do include affiliate links to Amazon, meaning I get a very small compensation if you purchase one of these items. BUT I do actually use all of these items every day!


  1. Hand sanitizer in one of those cute dangly plastic animals. I actually own this little unicorn, because I have no shame 🦄🦄 
  2. Bright colored lipstick. You know for those times when you are rocking your athleisure at work and get called into a meeting with executives. 
  3. A rechargeable phone charging brick. For all of those times you run out of juice while traveling
  4. Socks for cold/wet feet. Or honestly, just wearing them underneath your desk when you slip out of those oh-so uncomfortable heels. (Is it weird? I actually have a funny collection of novelty socks like these LOL).
  5. Baby food! I know this is a weird one. I always carry one or two squeezable fruit/veggie purée packs in my purse for those times when meetings extend into lunch meetings and I need to pull myself through. I got this tip actually from a coworker with low blood sugar, it’s a great pickup during those never-ending work days.
  6. Cheap, blank “thank you” cards. I love wowing coworkers with a sweet thank you note for something they did or something I really appreciated (like leaving me the last gluten free cookie in the break room 😏). I love the look on friends or coworkers faces, when you take that extra moment to say “thank you!”. Stash a stack of these adorable floral thank you cards in your purse and in your desk – take those moments to thank your coworkers and friends!

What kind of things do you carry in your purse or backpack? I’d love to hear about them below in the comments or on our Facebook Community Page!

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Life Hack : 5 Must Have Amazon Dog Products That I Can’t Live Without

5 Must Have Amazon Pet Products That I Can’t Live Without

Tinsel (my pup) and I are bit of adventurers. We love the outdoors; swimming, kayaking, hiking and traveling to new cities all over the U.S. With all of our travels in the books, there are some pet products on Amazon that I could not live without and have really saved us.


The best step-in harness! I always put Tinsel in a full body harness when we are out hiking or kayaking. I cannot tell you honestly how many times she has gotten stuck in the mud or needed help getting over a log. Having a harness with a handle on the back has been an incredible investment

A pop up bowl. I actually have two of these! I keep one in my purse for traveling and the second is always clipped to my daypack for hiking. No extra weight or equipment needed to give Tinsel a drink. When we stop for water breaks I just unclip and we can share a bottle of water. 

This pad healer. Because I’m an over protective dog Mom, I always keep this dog balm in my purse. There have been so many times when we are exploring a new city and Tinsel cracks a pad on her paw. I know it’s a bit expensive ($19 for one stick), but trust me this has saved us. This pad healer is great because it basically comes in a deodorant stick, with a nice neat cap. Pop the cap off, rub it on her feet and POOF perfectly healed and ready for our next adventure.

Treats!! This product is Tinsel’s pick. She can get exhausted, so a good nutritious pick-me-up is always good to carry. Check out my favorite treats here. These treats are high in protein, so they give her a good boost of energy!

I love this cooling vest! We live in Florida, our weather is HOT all year so we are always careful with hiking during the summer. Keeping Tinsel in this cooling vest gives us less worry of her overheating. 

What are your must haves for your dogs when travling or hiking? I would love to hear about them below in the comments or any of our social media sties! Hit us up on Instagram @TheTangledTinsel or on our Facebook Community Page

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Life Hack : 5 Cheap Things Off Of Amazon Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

5 Cheap Things Off Of Amazon Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

These are the top 5 things that make my home look like a million bucks, but I spent VERY little on. Of course these are all items that I already have in my home but they do include affiliate links!

 (I get a little compensation for writing these articles, if you purchase the items listed) 

  1. Oversized throw pillows with bright printed color. What makes a home look put together, is beautiful pops of sophisticated pints, like these pillows. Mix and match colors and prints; these make guests think I actually spent time and effort on my home but REALLY I just two-day-shipped these and threw them on my sofa (If I’m being honest).
  2. Centerpieces. Cheap, small centerpieces make the room put together. Opt for a large vase on your dinning room table like this one and fill it with florals depending on the season (sunflowers for summer, wheat grass for fall ETC). 
  3. Double Whammy, add a wax melter into your decor. Pick out something cute like this electric white lantern and add in your favorite scents. It looks great with your decor and also make your home smell wonderful.
  4. Curtains! I discovered these the other day and they changed my life! Anyone else rent a condo with those horrible vertical blinds covering sliding glass doors? Look at this no-install option for curtains instead. Pop the hooks over the vertical blind railing, add a curtain rod and hang curtains. Trust me, it makes our rented condo feel like a real home. 
  5. Never underestimate the addition of a good house plant. Big leaved plants like this rubber tree add so much character and color to a room ALL WHILE filtering out toxins. ANOTHER DOUBLE WHAMMY 😉😉


What are your must haves for home decor? How about your trips and tricks on how to save money? I would love to hear about them in the comments below or on our Facebook Community Page!

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Thank you all again for reading!


Life Hack : 3 Habits of Hight Effective Homemakers

If I am being honest, I’m a bit uptight about my home. I force people to take their shoes off when they come into my house and always use coasters 🤷🏻‍♀️. I even go too far and have “inside” and “outside” clothes. (Does anyone else do this???)


I’ve probably said this before, but I’m BUSY. Like BUSY BUSY. Family, two jobs and still trying to find time for myself? But there’s one thing that I always make sure to do: keeping our home neat and tidy. For some reason, even when I’m having an incredibly busy week, it’s calming to know my home is well kept.

Here’s my three secrets that you can implement in your own homes! I hope these work well for you too!

  1. Save money and invest in technology that can help you clean. You can invest in a rumba to vacuum your home while you are at work or <a href="http://Try Amazon Home Services“>take it a step further and ask for help! FROM AMAZON! They have a brand new program that you actually hire a person to help you out with tasks at home! Have that piece of IKEA furniture that’s been “on your list” for the past month, hire someone for $20 to come out and lend you a hand.
  2. 15 minutes is all it takes. Take 15 minutes before you go to bed at night and pick everything up. Start the dishwasher, start a load of wash and rearrange the living room throw pillows. Spend the time each day and you won’t have to worry about it over the weekend. Here is the link to both my morning and night time routines. My husband and I love to make a game of our nightly “pick up” time, set a timer and see how quickly we can get everything done. 
  3. Divide and conquer. My husband and I divide our chores up, he loves to the laundry (he’s weird) and I’ll pick up Tinsel’s toys; splitting up chores always makes the job easier. If you have roommates, make a chore chart and ask everyone to pitch in! Check out this great, cheap chore chart on Amazon! This chore chart is absolutly adorable and affordable! I mean, who doesn’t love chalkboard everything? 🙋🏻‍♀️

What are your favorite home keeping habits? I would love to hear about them below in the comments! If you loved this article be sure to check out this article > 5 habits of highly successful people and this great article about 5 time-savers you can purchase off of Amazon for less than $10. 

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Life Hack : 5 Incredible Things You Can Buy On Amazon to Make Your Day 100X Easier

I’m a bit of a juggler and I put a BIT too much pressure on myself to get the most of out my day. Either I’m at work, working my 9-5 OR I’m at home working on my blog. I try to get the most out of every single moment I have, that said I’m always on the hunt for the best multitasking tools out there to make my life so much easier. Working 8-5 at my desk WHILE working on my core? SIGN ME UP 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ 


That said > I complied this list of my favorite multitasking/lifesaving tools- I hope they help you too!

  1. A fruit infusion water bottle. Get your vitamins AND get hydrated!
  2. YOGA BALLS! I sit on one at home AND at my office. Sitting on a yoga ball; I work on my core, balance AND do work at the same time! PLUS I’m getting…..older (MUCH OLDER) and I have  lower back pain. Yoga Ball = no pressure on my back = happiness 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  3. This little badge holder. We have to keep our badges displayed at all times at work, but it can be a pain in the butt when you need to carry your wallet, phone, golf cart keys (and mostly wear leggings to work). This gem keeps all of my credit cards, IDs and drivers license in one hands free place. AND I can get it in about every color to match EVERY outfit. 
  4. A crockpot. I mentioned this little dude in the last article. Make dinner BEFORE work? #blesesd
  5. Bins, baskets, storage things. My husband and I live in a one bedroom condo, working multiple jobs. We never underestimate the power of a good basket! It’s easy to keep organized when it’s accessible. A yarn woven basket in the living room = great throw blanket storage or somewhere to keep Tinsel’s toy. A large round basket in the bathroom = somewhere great to just throw clean towels (since closet space is limited). Bonus points: people always say “OMG YOU ARE SO ORGANIZED” > Girl you know I just throw everything I own into storage bins to hide the truth 🙈🙈


What are your Amazon must have secrets? I would love to hear about them below in the comments or on our Community FaceBook Page Here! Thank you all so much for reading! If you liked this article be sure to check out these other articles too! 😘

Habits of Highly Successful People That You Can Start Today

The BEST Stress- Relieving Teas You Need To Try

Life Hack : Habits of Highly Successful People That You Can Start Today

There’s so much pressure now to eat healthy, get exercise, take care of your home, spend time with your spouse/kids/pets AND to balance it all while working a full time (or like me TWO full time jobs). This whole “work-life balance” shenanigan. 

My husband and I always tease each other and call this the “participation point challenge.” Starting of the day with 100 points and marking off points for having to basically participate in life. (I.E. Walking the Dog -25 points). We joke that honestly I end far up in the red each day. We find it amusing to laugh about our stressful day over a shared bottle of wine 😂😂 

I’m by NO MEANS a morning person. But here are somethings I’ve learned over the years that help me feel like I’m at least getting most of that first list accomplished: Exercise, Eat Healthy, Spending Time with Spouse/Pets AND have a clean home. I tell myself everyday when I roll out of bed at the ASS CRACK of dawn >>

“If I do this. If I really really do this. I get everything done. Then after work, when I come home, I’m going to treat myself to a long hot bath and Netflix.”

The “treat myself to….” changes every morning. From Starbucks, to there’s chocolate on the counter in the Kitchen for god sake just get out of bed. 

What I do at night to make a better morning

  1. Make a bottle of water and leave it in the fridge. Here’s the link my current bottle!
  2. Pick up your house: Straighten couch throw pillows, vacuum if you need to, start the dishwasher, start a load of wash Etc. Make everything “company clean” if you will
  3. Pre-pack your lunches. We like to do this on Sundays after grocery shopping, but the night before works too. My go-to right now is grilled chicken and organic veggie pasta with raw spinach. I love these meal prep containers on Amazon!
  4. Layout your work clothes. Pick out an entire outfit, shoes and all. I like to keep labeled week bins in my closet. Done with the wash? Pick out your outfit and throw it into a labeled “Monday” bin. I use these bins for my closet, find something that works for you too! 
  5. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a “drop location” at the front door. Ours is a small dish on our kitchen bar: use this to lay down your work badges, car keys, wallets, wedding rings etc. I picked up an antique glass dish for ours, but you can use something like this too! 

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Life Hack : The GoodWill Proper & What You Need To Know

I honestly LOVE thrift shopping and actual go into my favorite hotspots EACH weekend. My favorite spot? The Goodwill Outlet. My second favorite? What I like to call – The Goodwill Proper (the actual store and not the outlet). My Goodwill Proper store is nestled right next to the Florida Mall, here in Orlando, Florida and I cannot get enough.

This weekend was like any other, I wanted to hit up my store. BUT this time I’m on the hunt for some clothes for my upcoming cruise. Shorts, cover ups, crop tops – basically anything that would be cute for all of my upcoming cruise selfies! (My hubby and I are taking a week cruise down to the Virgin Islands! And if you couldn’t tell – I’m a BIT excited! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻).

What you need to know before shopping

  • I normallly leave everything in the car and only bring the essentials: Money, keys and my phone. This isn’t for safety reasons, it’s just difficult to carry a purse when your digging through bins and shuffling through the isles.
  •  They offer senior, military AND college discounts – you’ll just need to show your ID
  • Look for the color of the day! Normally there is a sign posted right at the front entrance. Whatever the color, look for that colored tag on any clothing item for 50% off that item! I won this mango festive romper for only $3!! (Lots of pictures below!)
  • Go. But plan to spend more than an hour.

First step through the door and I’m off to my “hot spot” – the tops! I litterally go isle by isle scooping up each shirt. I’m looking for eye popping prints and clean cotton. I like to pull out as many shirts as I like, then at the end of the isle go through each, pick my favorites and outnthe rest back  on the shelf.


I continue this for an entire hour – isle, by isle by isle. Then I’m on to dresses, shorts, pants or anything else. With all of my clothing finds folded in my cart, I then head to the book section!

Here’s what people normally do: Buy best selling books, they don’t read them, they let them sit on their book shelves until  they finally get donated – that’s where I come in. Each book can range from $3-$5 and they are normally Best Sellers.

Books and clothing? Seriously – THE BEST DAY.

If I’m working on a particular craft project, I’ll hit up the home goods isles. My favorite picks from here are mason jars, vases and fabrics!

For this shopping trip, my mission was finding some fun floral finds for my upcoming cruise. (Crop tops, shorts and beach coverups). What did I find? Four pairs of cotton shorts (some with cute tassels!), a long floral skirt, a leather laser cut skirt AND a mango colored floral jumper. Guess how much I paid? Seriously guess!

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻$16! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Now all I am missing is a new floppy hat, some cute strappy sandals and a few new cotton t-shirts! I don’t know if you got this or not – but I’m PRETTY excited about my upcoming trip!

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