My Favorite Reads : Amy Poehler’s YES PLEASE ✌🏻

My very first book review! I heard good reviews on this book, so I quickly popped it into my shopping cart – let me tell you I was NOT disappointed.

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Amy (Not sure if I can call her by her first name, but after reading this book I feel like I know her better than I know myself) writes this book while filming the hit TV show Parks and Recreation, while pregnant, while still working full time at SNL – yeah she’s a busy lady.

This book starts off with her childhood, through the awkward teenage years and then into her adult life. Her struggle to reach the top of her career and everything she faced as a woman climbing the ladder.

I read this book durning my lunch hour, I wept and I laughed out loud. Amy is honest, blunt and incredibly funny. Surprisingly, she’s actually a lot like me –

 “at a young age I knew I wasn’t the pretties, but HELL I WAS HILARIOUS.”


But most of all? She doesn’t care AT ALL what other people think. Her very first role was playing Dorthy in a school play, that failed miserably – but the thing she learned from it? She loved to make people laugh. No matter if it was directed at her, she thrived off of it.

The liveleness of her writing makes you feel like your sitting in the room with her – through every struggle, every set back and every single laugh. I seriously could not put this book down and I’m planning on reading it again very soon!

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