A Woman Crush Wednesday Interview with an ICU Nurse & A Full Time Mom

This week I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing my dear friend Cara. There’s no words to truly describe how big this woman’s heart is. We met about five years ago working together part time in an administrative office and I have been captivated by her warmth and compassion ever since. Cara just has this […]

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY; An interview with Katie 📸

One of my favorite article series and the best part about my job is getting to interview such inspiring #ladybosses. Each of their stores captivates me and this one is no different; this week I had to pleasure of interviewing an old friend who just started up here photography business AND IS KILLIN’ IT 💪🏻💪🏻 […]

NEW Woman Crush Wednesday Interview; Orlando’s very own Driftwood Market

This week I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing the owner and creator of Orlando’s Driftwood Market -Bonnie! Just a little overview, basically she runs the CUTEST DIY Driftwood Market – hosting craft parties, selling ADORABLE rustic crafts, you name it. Let’s jump right into this! Bonnie, Tell the readers a little more about yourself. […]

This weeks #Womancrush inspired me through her words

If you haven’t yet read this book – you need to stop what you are doing and read it! A young woman, Malala, was on a bus ride to her school and got shot by the Taliban. Instead of sitting back in pity, she stood up and fought and is still fighting to this day. […]