A Woman Crush Wednesday Interview with an ICU Nurse & A Full Time Mom

This week I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing my dear friend Cara. There’s no words to truly describe how big this woman’s heart is. We met about five years ago working together part time in an administrative office and I have been captivated by her warmth and compassion ever since. Cara just has this […]

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY; An interview with Katie 📸

One of my favorite article series and the best part about my job is getting to interview such inspiring #ladybosses. Each of their stores captivates me and this one is no different; this week I had to pleasure of interviewing an old friend who just started up here photography business AND IS KILLIN’ IT 💪🏻💪🏻 […]

The Best Stress-Releaving Teas You Need To Try ☕️

I’m a bit of a stress monster. Partially beacause I cannot handle change. Partially beaucae I suffer from diagnosed OCD. I can stress over small stuff like wrinkles in sheets and I can stress over BIG stuff like being late to work or a meeting. Stress is so common these days. With technology, deadlines, the […]

10 At Home Date Night Ideas You Probably Have Not Heard Of

10 Best At-Home Date Night Ideas Each Friday I fill your inboxes with the wildest (OK not wildest) but most fun date night ideas – from local art exhibits to farmers markets. To be completely honest, there are sooooo many weekends where I really don’t do anything at all. Let me tell you about just […]