A weekend in New Orleans; Day One

TECHNICALLY our second day, but the first was a full 10 hour drive – which you can check out here. Let’s lay the ground work for this – It’s my dearest friend Elizabeth’s 30th birthday and I (along with 4 of our other friends) are traveling to New Orleans for the weekend. The plan was […]

Week 4 of 52: Trying something new; A Solo Road Trip 🚘

It was many dearest friend, Elizabeth’s 30th birthday this weekend! For the past few months, we have been in the midst of planning a 30th Birthday Celebration in New Orleans. So I thought, what the heck – let’s do this week’s “something new” on taking my very first solo road trip from Orlando to New […]

Lifestlye Post; The Best At Home Spa Day

So life has been a bit rough lately – I’ve been pretty sick (you can read about that pity saga here). BUT I have been feeling a WHOLE LOT BETTER (new medications/more tests) and I’m on the UP&UP! ANYWAYS – I figured this weekend, what I could really use is an at home spa day! […]

January Book Review; Amy Poehler’s YES PLEASE ✌🏻

My very first book review! I heard good reviews on this book, so I quickly popped it into my shopping cart – let me tell you I was NOT disappointed. Yes Please > Click my Amazon affliate link and pick up your copy today #godblessamazonprimeshipping Amy (Not sure if I can call her by her first name, […]

Monthly Round Up; My January Must-Haves

Can you believe we are already done with January 2018?? I cannot believe this year is going by so quickly already! Since we are inching our way closer to the end of the month, I thought I would share my January Must-Haves – everything I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. LET’S GET STARTED FIRST: […]

The GoodWill Proper: What You Need To Know

I honestly LOVE thrift shopping and actual go into my favorite hotspots EACH weekend. My favorite spot? The Goodwill Outlet. My second favorite? What I like to call – The Goodwill Proper (the actual store and not the outlet). My Goodwill Proper store is nestled right next to the Florida Mall, here in Orlando, Florida […]